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Saeco Gran Crema Super Automatic Espresso Machine


Royal Gran Crema represents the perfect balance between its great performance, ease of use and design. A system that renews Saeco's offer in the OCS and Ho.Re. Ca. market, proposing new and intelligent functions. A large touchscreen makes it particularly simple to select drinks, thanks to essential and intuitive messages and icons. By pressing just one button, the preferred beverage is selected and, at any time, it is possible to intuitively modify the intensity of the chosen coffee and memorize the setting for future services. Maintenance and cleaning are simple, as all components requiring periodic treatment are easily extractable.

Royal Gran Crema can dispense coffee, hot water, steam and prepare excellent drinks with fresh milk, such as cappuccinos or macchiatos. In fact, thanks to the unique integrated “thunder” cappuccinator, enjoying an excellent and creamy drink is quite simple. The cup warmer and the option for pre-ground/decaffeinated coffee complete the experience of drinking coffee according to the best Italian tradition. All you have to do is select your favorite drink and Royal Gran Crema will be ready to prepare it.




Key features

350 g coffee beans

2.2 l water

18 spent espresso pucks

1 l drip tray

Milk steam wand

2 cups of coffee at the same time

Hot water/steam wand

Single circuit

Cappuccinator tuono on the steam wand

Cup warmer

Pre-ground coffee option

Conical steel blades

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