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Faema E98 Professional Espresso Machine

Traditional Italian Espresso Machine 2 or 3 Groups


The E98UP is an elegant and versatile espresso machine that is easy to use and maintain. Ergonomic and robust, it is made of steel and is equipped with a thermosyphonic system of fixed, reliable and high performance nozzles, thus ensuring the excellence of the result in your espresso.

The work area comes with standard illumination thanks to the lights in the coffee group. Available in 2 and 3 group versions, either dosed or continuous (and also in the Tall Cup version), the E98UP has immediate and accurate backlit keys and is available in three colors (black, white and red). The E98UP can also be customized in the wide front logo strip.


Key features

• Thermal system with excellent performance and reliability

• Robust and ergonomic

• Keyboard with LED lighting

• Ergonomic filter holders

• Simple and quick installation and maintenance

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