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Saeco Phedra Hyper Automatic Espresso Machine


Saeco has created the link between the vending range and OCS: The Hyper Automatic is the new table-top coffee machine. It has the new “Heart of Coffee“ graphic design, developed by designer Giuliano Galeazzi, a feature of the entire vending range, with professional components offering versatile and innovative solutions for small businesses, offices and Ho.Re.Ca. applications (you can dispense up to 8 different drinks (12 with pre-selection, ideal for consumption of 30-50 products daily). Perfect for installing on table-top thanks to its height of 550 mm. The water tank can be removed in three different directions: from above, from the right, and from the left. It is easy to use and maintain thanks to the modular internal elements.


Key features

8 Direct selections

1 Container of coffee beans

2 Containers of instant products (not sugar)

7g coffee group


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